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Internet Marketing Failure

There are many huge mistakes made when it comes to the marketing of any business online. The biggest mistake I made and the mistake I think most small businesses and entrepreneurs make is that they put all their focus on being found.

Don’t get me wrong being found online is very important, however turning that visitor into a lead and ultimately a customer is far more important. Too many websites fail to deliver the content that their visitors were hoping to find. Some sites fall into the ‘design failure’ camp, while others look polished enough, but peel away the layers and in many cases it will be a case of style over substance.

The substance we’re talking about is copy. Good copy. Copy that is supported by a clear call to action. A call to action can range from ‘Buy Now’ to ‘Subscribe to our free newsletter’. The action should always be something that takes your relationship with your website visitor to the next level.

So many businesses fall into the trap of simply being found. They spend significant sums on Google Adwords campaigns and SEO experts, but even if this activity is successful, they still ultimately fail as they have no real hope of converting the visitor into a customer.

My view is simple –   content is key, but conversion is king.