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It’s all about sales

I’ve been involved in sales most of my adult life. Initially I was supporting media sales teams, before eventually becoming a newspaper sales rep myself. I enjoyed sales and was quite good at it.

The biggest business and indeed life mistake I ever made was investing in an online business directory franchise. I ended up losing a lot of money and developing an intense hatred for the concept of franchising.

What alarmed me most of all though was meeting other franchisees who had also taken the plunge to invest in this ‘opportunity’. The alarm was caused by a common sentiment. So many of them were scared of selling. Many of them; in fact I’d go as far to say the majority of them, had never sold in their life. They thought the proposition on offer would ‘sell itself’. All they’d have to do was open the window and orders would miraculously fly through, sprinkling pixie dust en-route.

So many of these ‘entrepreneurs’ failed spectacularly because the fear of being ‘in sales’ and their inability to move beyond their own restrictive comfort boundary crippled them. They had failed before they had even begun. I feel sorry for them and myself for following for the sale’s hype.

The point is this; any entrepreneur needs to be a good sales man. Whatever line your in, the ability to sell is critical. Many people use the phrase ‘he’s a born salesman’, which translated basically means ‘he’s a bit of an arsehole’. That’s possibly harsh, but I have met a lot of salesmen, I’ve been a salesman and yes at times I was indeed an arsehole.

There are undoubtedly natural salesmen, but like any skill, I genuinely believe the ability to sell can be learned.

In fact if I could have my way Higher / A-Level Selling would be an option in our schools and degrees at university covering sales would be the norm.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, don’t think you can do so without the ability to sell. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a big fat liar!

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